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Education and training: in our 4 training areas you will find the answer to your training needs, from basic to specialist training.

Base flight training

For those who for passion or future profession want to become pilots

License that allows you to fly on a single type of airplane (e.g. C150) with a maximum take-off weight of 2000 kg and a maximum of 4 occupants. (15 flight hours less than PPL)
License that allows you to fly throughout the national and international territory (after obtaining English speech and LPR test), with any type of airplane with people on board, not for profit

Advanced flight training

For private or commercial PILOTS
Radiotelephony course in English (theoretical part) for access to the ENAC exam while the practical part is carried out on site by a certified examiner. It must be integrated with an LPR exam (Language Proficiency Requirement), which is carried out on site. It allows you to fly all over the world and is necessary in order to obtain the instrument flight rating
Night Rating qualification enables access to the instrument flight course (IR). It is carried out on VFR aircraft on approved airports

The Refreshment Pilot is a course dedicated to all interested pilots which allows them to be updated on all the news regarding EASA regulations, navigation, operating procedures, and much more. It is carried out entirely in the classroom and concluded with the issue of a certificate

In order to access the CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) course, the pilot must have at least 100 hours of flight experience. The school allows you to carry out these hours with the advice of an instructor who follows the personal growth of the pilot and directs him towards a professional attitude

They allow access to the use of aircraft with different characteristics from the basic ones such as:

  • VP ( Variable Pitch ) variable pitch propeller | RU(Retractable Undercarriage ) | EFIS ( Electronic Flight Instrument System ) | SLPC ( Single Lever Power Control )
  • T ( Turbo ) turbocharged engines ( courses sep and mep )
Course for the use of the multifunctional system (navigation and radio)

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